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Hunter Aiming Rifle

Firearms 101

Basic Firearms

Whether you’re new to firearms or simply looking to improve your skills, our Firearms 101 Class offers a comprehensive course that will cover firearms safety, types of firearms, firearms cleaning, safe storage of firearms, basic handgun marksmanship and more. this course consists of classroom and range time.  On the range students will be given the opportunity to shoot their own firearms as well as a variety of handguns, rifles and shotguns of various calibers* (ammunition will be available for purchase)   Contact us today with any questions or for more information.


First AID/ CPR/ AED certification

Red Cross certification

This course is to get your Adult/ Child/ Pediatric First Aid/ CPR/ AED certification. we offer it in a Blended (online & classroom) or in a full classroom setting.

Rifle Bullets

Texas License to Carry (LTC)

Required to apply for TX LTC

This course will take you through the required curriculum and proficiency to apply for your Texas LTC. this course includes both classroom and range time make sure to sign up today. Feel free to reach out with any questions or to learn more.

Handgun and  Ammunition

Executive Texas LTC

One on one instruction

Don't want to sit in a class with a bunch of other people, our Executive Texas LTC class is for you. we work with your schedule to set up a one on one or small group class to take you through the required Texas License to carry curriculum and proficiency course.

Online Monitoring

Online Texas LTC

Online Portion of the Texas LTC course

This course is for the online portion of the Texas License to carry course, upon completion of this course the student will be required to shoot the Texas LTC proficiency course of fire with a licensed LTC instructor before applying for the LTC

Shooting Target

Texas LTC Proficiency course of fire

Shoot the Texas LTC Course of Fire

This is to schedule a time to shoot your TX LTC proficiency exam. this is designed for students who have taken the online LTC course and have a signed LTC101.  (if you are taking the LTC class in person you will not need this as it is included in the in person class) each student is required to bring the handgun you wish to qualify with, Fifty (50) rounds of factory ammunition (no reloads), eye and ear protection.  the range is an outdoor range so it is advised to wear weather appropriate attire.

Shooting Practice

Build your own AR platform

learn, build and test your own AR

The AR-15 Sporting rifle is one of the most versatile modern sporting rifles currently on the market.  With endless brands, variants and accessories it could be difficult to pick the right one.  With this course our instructors will walk you through the step by step process of building your own AR-15 platform.

You will need to order an AR-15 kit and any additional accessories through Prosper Firearms prior to attending the class. Prosper Firearms is a fully licensed FFL Dealer all paperwork will apply. 

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